Security Cameras and Your Business

A week ago we were called by a client because they were having issues with a missing package that they ordered. We had installed a camera system a few years ago to monitor their building just in case they had any unfortunate incidents. We were told they couldn’t bring up any footage of the package in question and needed some help. We scheduled an onsite visit to see if we could review what had happened.

We arrived around 9 AM at our client and were greeted by their friendly staff. We then proceeded to their “server room” where their security system was housed. After checking over the system we noticed that there weren’t any lights flashing on the recording equipment and saw that everything was properly plugged in. The system was only a few years old and it was nowhere near the ends of its life.

On the floor in the corner, we had installed a battery backup, and noticed that the indicator light was not on (showing that there was power). We pressed the power button, and surprisingly the system turned on, beeped, gave a few other misc sounds. In no time, the system was up and running with a beautiful view of the cameras. Unfortunately, someone inadvertently turned off the battery backup (or the power had been off so long from a power outage that the system had completely shut down).

We checked the history of the recorder and the most recent recording was from March 2017… the system had been off for 6 months and nobody knew!

Unfortunately we were never able to review the video footage of where the package had gone because the system was off. The good news was that the client will now monitor the system better in the future and we were able to add a second monitor in a centralized location of the building so staff would be aware if the system was off or was having any issues.

So, if you own a security camera system please make sure you check it often and have easy access to viewing the video output regularly. Make sure you review footage monthly to make sure the system is recording properly and you can clearly playback the crucial areas that you are monitoring. If you have regular power surges or outages in your area, make sure you install a battery backup to prevent damage to your system.

All new systems nowadays have a smartphone app that will allow a live view of your camera system (as long as you have it connected to the Internet). Most will also allow you view recordings as well.

If you have any questions on security camera system maintenance, have a failing system, or just have questions please let us know, and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Be Safe Baltimore…

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