Security Cameras

Security Camera Installation for Video Surveillance and DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders)

Many levels of CCTV surveillance equipment available! We also perform repairs, renovate older CCTV camera systems, CCTV camera upgrades or re-designing. SysQuick offers FREE advice on all design, maintenance and repairs. As always, there is NO OBLIGATION when we perform one of our FREE on-site surveys or give out a quote.

SysQuick Proudly Installs InterLogix, HikVision, LTS, LaView, Verkada, Empower, NEST & Ring Security Camera Systems

A Digital Video Recorder is basically a computer that converts incoming video (analog) signal from cameras to digital, compresses it and then stores it. There are many advantages of CCTV DVRs over their analog counterparts.

CCTV DVR System record images onto hard drives like that found in computers. Digital Video Recorders are more flexible than Time Lapse VCR’s because they do not require VHS tapes. Different sized hard drives can yield a much higher storage capacity than a VCR. It is possible to instantly search by date, time or event. There is no signal or quality loss while recording because the recording is digital.

Our DVRs come in various sizes 4, 8 and 16+ Channels, where each channel represents a Video feed.


Types of CCTV DVRs / NVRs :

Standalone DVR – These DVRs do not require any human interaction for normal operation. Configure once and then leave it alone until an incident occurs. Regular checks are recommended for assurance that it is still functional.

Standalone DVR (Pro Series) Some professional DVRs have many ‘added value’ features like motion detection, network, watermarking, operation log, event eog, advance search features, covert camera inputs, multiple monitor outputs, video looping, etc.


Type of Security Cameras:

Color cameras generally require a higher level of lighting than their black & white counterparts do. Color cameras give the advantage of being able to easily distinguish and detect objects simply by their colors, where black & white cameras offer better resolution in low light conditions.

Covert security cameras – These cameras are so small, they cannot be easily seen or are disguised as a different device (such as smoke detector, clock, etc).

Zoom and Box CCD security Cameras – These cameras switch from color to black and white depending on lighting levels. They are ideal for variable lighting conditions.

Night Vision security cameras – These cameras have their own light source in a light spectrum that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Outdoor security cameras – These cameras have hardened, waterproof outer bodies.

Wide Angle security cameras – Different lens sizes can change the viewing angle of a camera. If you need to see a large parking lot area or playground then then this is a good option.

Speed Dome security cameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) – These cameras allow for remote control of what the camera is pointed at and what it is focused on.

Vandal Proof security cameras – These cameras come in hardened cases that can resist physical abuse.